Logo Guidebook

Basic logo consistency guide
R14 999

Package Includes:

  • Logo Specs - Size & Spacing.
  • Logo Colour Codes.
  • Logo Applications.
  • Typography.
  • Logo Usage Examples.
  • Brand Bank - Certificate & Cloud Hosting.
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The Logo Guidebook The Logo Guidebook

We understand that creating a brand involves a lot more than designing a logo, choosing a font stack, or picking arbitrary colors. At Xco Digital, we take the time to learn about what makes you unique and focus on building an entire visual identity to tell that story.

We understand that brands don't live in the abstract. When we are creating the foundation of your visual identity, we consider where your brand will live, and design your identity with application in mind.

A comprehensive brand analysis gets you on track towards building the future of your brand in real-time, over any platform.

"The logo is an identifier but it's also something that stands-in for who you are." - Steven Heller

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